AVE designs and creates new composite materials using its Molecular Grafting Technology Platform (MGTP). The ability to graft molecules together enables AVE to create chimera materials that combine the properties of each of the respective molecules that are grafted together. XYLIUM is the first chimera material designed and produced by AVE. XYLIUM was designed in order to reconcile two conflicting performance criteria of AVE’s first product, a yacht tender called Solenzara.

AVE has an extensive portfolio of intellectual property and know-how. AVE is launching a funding round to raise capital to commerialise Solenzara as well as to invest in developing a new materials laboratory to leverage its Molecular Grafting Technology Platform.

Latest News

Une peinture Photovoltaïque signée AVE

 AVE travaille sur un projet, réalisable grâce au à son brevet sur le greffage moléculaire : une peinture photovoltaïque.

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Solenzara, AVE's innovative yacht tender, has undergone tests at the Lac de Dagueys near Libourne.

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