SOLENZARA Yacht Tender

AVE partnered with Voiles Aventures, a yachting association with more than 11,000 members.   A survey was conducted of the Voiles Aventures members and more than 2000 yacht owners participated in developing a comprehensive set of performance requirements for a tender of a large (>10m) yacht.

As is often the case, many of the most important design requirements led to contradicting solutions (e.g.  light weight versus resistance to puncturing).  In order to avoid compromising on these, and other, high priority design requirements AVE used the MGTP to design a chimera composite material, XYLIUM, that enabled all the performance requirements to be achieved.

The resulting design, using the XYLIUM chimera composite is called the SOLENZARA yacht tender.


The materials and design of SOLENZARA are not the only areas of innovation in relation to this commercial project.   The market for tenders is highly competitive and it is crucial for SOLENZARA (as well as versions made out of standard composites) to be price competitive.   To this end AVE developed a unified manufacturing and commercial strategy that signficantly reduces the requirement for investment and logistic costs.

AVE manufacture kits that include all materials, moulds and accessories needed for professionals or individuals to manufacture their own tender.   These kits are issued once professionals, or individuals,  have completed a 3 week training programme delivered by AVE.

A full price list of all the variants (length and materials) of the AVE yacht tenders together with an online calendar and registration process will be published online following the capital raising activity that is currently underway.

Unique Selling Points

  1. Solid hull cannot deflate
  2. XYLIUM composite is ultra-light
  3. Hull is unsinkable (accreditation to be sought)
  4. Kevlar lined hull is ultra-resistant to grounding shocks and piercing
  5. Capacity:  8 adults – protected from bow waves
  6. Flexi-power:   an unrivalled range of options – electric motors, outboard, sail, paddles, kite
  7. Performance:  super efficient multi-hull design for low power consumption, stability, and safety.
  8. Mobile:  retracting wheel mechanism allows easy movement on land
  9. Access:   designed to facilitate: wheelchair access, swimmer access,  flat floor
  10. Storage:  lockable compartments, bicycle friendly
  11. Auto-draining
  12. Protection:  fully integrated surround fender system to protect yacht hull from tender
  13. A large range of options both in terms of tender dimensions, materials, power sources, and accessories